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Mark and I have been married for 26 years. He’s my partner, the father of our children, and my most steadfast supporter.

He works for Wells Fargo as a Sr. Content Engineer. His employer is flexible enough for his job to follow wherever we go.

I am convinced that his easygoing nature that has allowed our partnership to last. We go, hand in hand together, with great excitement into our next great adventure.
Mark Runquist

Claire is our oldest daughter (23) and the biggest adventurer in our family.

She recently completed a Master’s degree in Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik and is currently working as a "Greening Consultant" in Baltimore, MD.

Her world travels have included India, Denmark, and most recently to Paris for the U.N. Climate talks.

Emma is our middle child (21). She is currently a junior studying biology at Iowa State University.

She loves running and wants to pursue a career as a physical therapist. She is also the child that has sustained the greatest number of injuries requiring physical therapy!

Emma is off to Tasmania for a semester abroad this spring.

Martin is our youngest child (14). He is currently a sophomore in high school.

He plays trombone in the school band, is on the Envirothon team, and is on the boys swim team.

He is also active in the youth group at our home congregation.

Mostly, he’s just a lot of fun to be around.

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