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“The foundation of justice is good faith.”
Marcus T. Cicero

I’m proud of our Unitarian Universalist’s record of justice.  Our denomination and our churches have collectively made a difference in the wider community. We’ve done this by being among the first denominations to perform same sex marriages. We work at becoming Green Sanctuaries; we fight for reproductive justice, and more.  We are change-makers.

This is hard work arocutianvisit copythough. As a minister, I understand the need to compassionately support people in the difficult work of justice making. I aim to lift up and support the variety of ways that we do justice work in our faith. We advocate, we write, we support with our resources, we protest, and we witness. In doing this work, we are vulnerable to the despair that accompanies repeated encounters with resistance. This is why we do justice work together. Even so, social justice committees are sometimes vulnerable; the passion of a few overrides the efforts of others. Burn out is not uncommon in justice groups. This is why reflection of this work as spiritual exercise is so important to the staying power of our efforts. We do this work because it is good for the world and it serves our own well being.

My own justice work has been primarily around the right of people to healthy food, an environmental ethic for sustainable agriculture, and immigrant rights in my own community.