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UUA General Assembly, June 2012
Phoenix, AZ

Interfaith witness for human rights - candlelight vigil at tent city jail.
Raices Cross-Community Cultural Educational Experience 2007

10 day immersion experience Michoacán, Mexico for U.S. allies. The Raices project seeks the development of sustainable U.S. communities through partnerships with Latino/a’s working side-by-side with Anglo neighbors. Trip goals included exploration of socio-economic, political, and historical factors influencing Latin American migration to the U.S., attaining a cultural competence, exploring the effects of emigration on Mexico, and to draw upon the learning projects at home an provide leadership for change.
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Oxfam World Food Prize Alternative Event

Provided a farm tour, press conference, and a place for conversation for folks from Oxfam attending World Food Prize events in Des Moines.
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Roundtable Discussion with U.S Secretary of Agriculture, August 2010
Des Moines, IA

Participated in roundtable discussion/press conference at Iowa State fair with U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and other agricultural leaders.
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White House
Washington DC

In Washington to be honored as a Presidential White House Champion of Change.
Marshalltown Community College

Ribbon cutting for the new Entrepreneurial and Diversified Agriculture program with congressman Tom Latham who supported the project. Because I live in the heart of large industrial agriculture, my environmental justice work has focused on the environmental impact of farming practices. My family and I used our farm to demonstrate and promote sustainable agriculture both at home and abroad. My efforts were focused on growing the educational and economic opportunities for sustainable agriculture in central Iowa. As a result we were able to establish a farm and facility to teach and demonstrate sustainable practices.

Link to program home page.
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Member of Sisters on the Planet
An initiative that brings together prominent women in the U.S., including members of Congress and leaders in civic, business, faith-based and philanthropic communities, who recognize the disproportionate impact of poverty and hunger on poor people, especially women and children. Sisters on the Planet Ambassadors support U.S. policy that responds to the needs of the most vulnerable, both at home and abroad.
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Oxfam World Food Prize Event, October 2010
Melbourne, IA

Hosted farmers from Haiti, Vietnam, India, and Mali in honor of World Food Day to bring together a diverse set of local food producers and others to discuss world hunger.
International Women’s Day: Oxfam Lobby Day, March 2012
Washington, DC

Along with former Iowa Attorney General Bonnie Campbell, one of two Iowans selected to lobby for USAID on behalf of Oxfam’s Sisters on the Planet. Advocated for rural women worldwide recognizing their important role in the health and well-being of their communities.
Safe Place Advocate for LGBTQ students

Advocate and safe haven for all LGBTQ students at Marshalltown Community College.

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