Opening Words

Internship at First Unitarian, Des Moines  |  Guest Pulpits  |  Pastoral Care  |  Seminary

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
― Mary Oliver

It’s hard to tell where a journey for a person or an organization really begins. Perhaps from the very beginning, even before we arrived, our ancestors having arranged it or perhaps it’s immediate in each moment we decide to go this way or that, changing the trajectory of our lives forever. How we get from one place to the next is sometimes thrust upon us, other times, we maneuver our circumstances so that a new expression of ourselves can be shaped. All this feels true for me.

My journey from community college professor to minister began when I allowed myself to entertain that I had something more, something spiritual, to offer. It was a coming-of-age sort of moment when I realized was being called to something different, something that answered my inner voice. It feels like all my life has been a preparation for this. Seminary, chaplaincy, internship, and much practice are the formal steps in this process. Above you’ll find links to a little about those experiences.