Intership at First Unitarian of Des Moines

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My internship was a two-year, halftime internship. This is standard for my seminary. My teaching pastor was Mark Stringer. He has been the lead minister at First Unitarian Church of Des Moines for more than 14 years. Under his supervision I learned not only what I expected to learn, but also so much more.This congregation, of more than 500 members, afforded me a variety of experiences including:

  • Facilitation of Soul Matters leaders and small groups (small group ministry)
  • Experienced Policy Governance – explored the role of the minister, board of trustees, and Counsel to guide the church towards its Ends Statements
  • Development and implementation of Greeter/Welcoming Newcomer training
  • Facilitation of Class Conscience: Class and Classism in UU Life curriculum
  • Development and teaching of Religious Education to 8-12 year-olds
  • Crafting, writing, and delivering Sunday services
  • Providing pastoral care and rites of passage: weddings, baby dedications, and memorials

My relationship with this church continues as I was hired for a one-year position as their membership coordinator while I attained preliminary fellowship from the Ministerial Fellowship committee (Oct. 1, 2015) and went into search.

My internship committee gave me a clerical robe as a gift at the end of my internship.

DSCN1901My internship committee…I love them!

celebrantDiscussing service elements with a lay leader.

IMG_0166Together we make worship work.

lindabillBill and I are enjoying a conversation before a Sunday service.

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